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OEM/ODM service:


We supply OEM/ODM service if you order 10 units above.

OEM/ODM service includes:


Both the terms ODM and OEM are related to the manufacturing industry. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing, and OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturing. It is quite confusing to see the difference between the two, as they are very similar.

OEM refers to a company or a firm that is responsible for designing and building a product according to its own specifications, and then selling the product to another company or firm, which is responsible for its distribution. The one company produces products on behalf of another company, after which the purchasing company markets the product under its own brand name.

An ODM company or firm, on the other hand, is responsible for designing and building a product as per another company’s specifications.

So then, OEM companies design products as per their own specifications, whereas ODM companies design products as per other company’s specifications.