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Multifunctional Oxgen jet skin rejuvenation machine

Model: oxy-228

Certificate:  CE

Gross weight: 55 KG

Packing size:  60*55*150 CM by wooden case

Delivery time:  2 business days after payment received

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Multifunctional Oxgen jet skin rejuvenation machine

Work Principle :

The omnipotent skin oxygen-injection instrument applies the world’s advanced PSA(pressure swing adsorption) theory. it can separate medical-use purified oxygen(high density ,no dust ,no bacteria) from air in normal temperature; once the power supply connected, it can absorb oxygen, inject oxygen and spurt oxygen just with one machine. Therefore, it is solving the difficulties of anoxia. Inject 98% purified oxygen and active nutrition distillate to the deep-seated of skin through impulse force in order to accelerate the metabolism of cells, a whiten and tender the skin.

It has a vast range of applications, Safe and effective for all skin types. it is easy to operate and very popular in the market with the good effects ,friendly design ,also stable performance from the feedback of our regular customers. Wish it meets your taste too .

Features :

This machine has the following therapeutic heads,

Expelling of toxin, it can help you expel the toxin of body;

Two inject oxygen therapeutic heads;

One Spurt oxygen therapeutics, it is can whiten and tender skin etc;

Soft photon therapeutic head with the function activating skin, accelerating the blood circulation, promote the metabolism etc;

BIO crinkles elimination rods. It can be penetrate into dermis directly and release the energy, which can penetrate into skin from inner to out layer by layer, It has an effective solution to the problem of skin such as pachylosis and speckle caused by vitamin uneven or climate change, so that it can make skin bright, delicate or slender, shiny.

Function :

  • New idea for skin rejuvenation, safe treatment with good result.
  • Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning, and improve the flexibility and tone of skin.
  • Scar removal; Remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
  • Wrinkle removal: Lips wrinkles, eye wrinkles; improve glabellar lines, stretch marks and so on.
  • Remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
  • Acne removal; Remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar.
  • Restrain the Inflammation.
  • Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, reduce skin relaxation. Repair damaged skin.

Technical Parameter :

Output Voltage

AC110V±10%/60Hz AC220V±10%/50Hz

Max Power Consumption


Oxygen Pressure


Oxygen Flux


Oxygen Concentration

90% ,the max can up to 98%

Electronic Category

I Class B


LCD Screen


International Standard Wooden Case

External Dimensions

56CM*49CM*136CM (L*W*H)

Internal Dimensions

42.5CM*39.5CM*123CM (L*W*H)




1 Unit/Wooden Case

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