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5 in 1 Vacuum RF ultrasonic cavitation machine


  1. Cavitation handle 1: 40 K HZ
  2. Cavitation 2 : 1M HZ
  3. RF: 5 M HZ
  4. Vacuum 100 kpa
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5 in 1 Vacuum RF ultrasonic cavitation machine


1. 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitation for deep fat.

2. 1MHZ ultrasound for face and surface fat

3. 5MHZ tripolar RF for fat reduction

4. 5MHZ bipolar RF for face and eyes

5. 5MHZ 8-polar with vacuum sucktion

Eyes: removing black eye rim, pouch and wrinkle of eyes;

Face: promoting,whitening and making skin tender,wiping off scar;

Body: losing weight effectively,removing striae gravidarum and tightening flesh.

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