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Non-invasive Nano Fractional RF radiofrequency machine

Model: 20SP

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Non-invasive Nano Fractional RF radiofrequency machine

Non-invasive Nano fractional RF to deliver heat energy deep into the subcutaneous layers

to regenerate collagen,restore skin firmness and improve skin texture, producing the

maximum dermal effectswhile minimize the damage to  the epidermis. Obvious instant

and long term skin rejuvenation result can be obtained after factional RF treatment.

-Acne scar

- Open pores

- Skin tightening

- Stretch marks

- Melasma/Pigments

- Fine lines

- Smoothen skin texture and appearance

- Treat around eye, Jowl, smaller body parts

- No pain

- No downtime or discomfort

- Smooth skin, wrinkles and fine lines

- Skin tightening

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