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Plasma Pen for product penetration, skin lift, eyelift,fine lines, skin tags,spot removal

This Plasma Pen can not only remove spot, pigment, skin tag, moles, wart etc, but also for product penetration, improve wrinkle, scar. If generating the electricity of High frequency between a stable ions of surface of skin and an unstable(labile) ions in the air, spark is emerged. Treatment area is burned(carbonized) by that spark without side effect, and then thermal energy is made. Beauty Monster uses low power and suitable frequency for its purpose of beauty care, even safe and no side effect emerged.


1.Insert the needle to the machine .
2.Connect the power adaptor to the machine .
3.Press ON/OFF button for few seconds .
4.Adjust the power and the frequency the machine .
5.It is ready to use when the power button blinks by pressing ON switch again .
6.It will stop and activate if you press or release "SHOT" button .
7.After procedure , press the "ON"button few seconds to stop .
8.Move left to right rather than stay on the spot while using the Tip.
9.Use short touch several times rather than one long touch while using the Tip

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