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Plasma Pen for eyelift,eyelid,skin tightening,skin tags,spot,wrinkle

Plasma pen is  similar to the working principle of CO2 laser cosmetic machine, it uses a new  generation of highly efficient power conversion material and chip control  technology, high-frequency plasma at low temperature of the discharge to spot  the pen nib contact with bad skin spots between the quasi contact state, but at  the moment a few millimeters to produce up to 2000 ℃ high  temperature plasma, using plasma body heat effect of carbonation bad spots on  the skin, make it disappear permanently.When the needle touch the freckle spot ,it will produce a small flame,which is different from common flame.The micro vascular will be solidified quickly without bleeding during the treatment.Then it will form carbon scabs ,protect wound skin from infection. After about 1 week, scab will shed without scar.


• Remove completely: instantly eliminate skin neoplasms and strong sterilization and never relapse

• No bleeding: can avoid various lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk

• Wound easy to recover without bandage

• No scar left

• Ease use: it can work for about 2-3 hours after 1 time charge.

• Economical and practical: it is cheap and needle can reuse.

• Easy to take

Usage for:

Medicine showed that: Plasma pen has a great Blood Coagulation function, it can be used to remove pigment nevus, flat wart, wart,syringoma, corns, such as skin neoplasms, the curative effect of the plasma is superior to laser, electricity ion corrosion, freeze, drug treatment, etc


Input: AC110V/60HZ     AC220V/50HZ

Frequency: 1.1MHz±0.3MHz

with 3 needles free

Operating Guide

1. Clean face ,apply the anesthetic

2. Sterlize face

3. Needle disinfect ( needle immerse in disinfectant for 5-10 minutes)

4. Do treatment ( we have video show you about how to operate)

5. After treament, if needle have any carbide,use knife scarpe it or sand paper rub it.

Needle disinfected before use .

Accessory list :

machine 1pcs

30G needle 3pcs

charger 1pcs

manual 1pcs

Contact us:

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2: Email to us (top-slimming@hotmail.com)